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Attn GoldMine CRM Users! Registration for Webinar on GoldMine link to Outlook #CRM

Does your organisation use GoldMine and Microsoft Outlook? Attend this webinar and see how to Share E-mails, Calendar and Contacts between both applications in an automatic way. 

The latest GoldMine version (GoldMine Premium Edition) brings enhanced integration with Outlook allowing you to share e-mails, calendar and contacts seamlessly between the two systems.  With this integration you have a real-time preview of GoldMine information directly from Outlook without having to switch back and forth between the two applications helping to improve productivity.  GoldMine information is not only viewable from Outlook, users can drill down into that GoldMine record for edits or further business follow-up.  This quick, detailed view and access of important record information, such as contact details, pending or historic activities enables speed, gives you greater knowledge and quicker response times to customers. 

Come and join us on Friday 10th December at 3pm (UK time) for a one hour on line training session where we will show you how to take advantage of this great functionality. 

Proposed Agenda:

-  How to create e-mails in Outlook and have them show up in GoldMine
-  How to associate e-mails to Opportunities or Cases in GoldMine
-  How to link your Calendars
-  How to link your Contacts
-  How to define what GoldMine information you see in Outlook
-  Other setup options 

All you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet and a Phone or sound on your PC!

The cost of the one hour training session per company is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.  This course is free if you have version 6 or 7 of GoldMine, because those versions don't have this enhanced link (see what you're missing!)

Register now by clicking here.

New to CRM? Attend our free 30 min Webinar to see GoldMine in action

If you are new to CRM or looking at purchasing the GoldMine system, come and join us for a live interactive 'on line' presentation on Thursday 2nd December at 2pm to see how GoldMine can:

- Help you track and follow up sales leads
- Manage your daily sales activities and appointments
- Track quotes and sales opportunities
- Track what you've sold or supplied to a customer
- Create targeted e-mail marketing campaigns
- Track customer support and service activity

To register, please click here.

To see the presentation, you'll need access to the Internet and a phone (we will give you a UK number) to get the audio part of the presentation.  You'll also be able to ask questions and provide feedback.  The presentation is free and will last about 30 minutes or so.

We look forward to meeting up with you on line.

Create reports in seconds with MasterMine for GoldMine #CRM (& #QuoteWerks)

MasterMine is the easiest, fastest way to get and share business-critical information from GoldMine - a MUST for sales and marketing professionals, business owners, and report specialists. Beyond reporting, MasterMine is an essential top-down GoldMine management tool. 

With this award-winning GoldMine enhancement you not only create reports in seconds from any information in your database, but also change these "live" reports on-the-fly, to "dig deeper" where standard reports leave off. MasterMine reports are so GoldMine-interactive, you can drill right through to specific GoldMine records or build complex GoldMine groups. 

Infinite time-saving uses include simple reports, on-the-fly analysis, 1-button graphing, data quality management, database segmentation and group record processing. See how MasterMine completes GoldMine as a data collection AND information management system, making daily management of your business activities and accumulated customer contacts easier and more valuable than you ever thought possible.

SAVES TIME AND EFFORT creating reports, managing people, and cleaning up your database!

Here's a quick demo...

 play video

Call Wizard Systems in the UK for a presentation or pricing.

IntelliClick E-mail Marketing tool for GoldMine and ACT! keeps getting better #CRM

The new release of IntelliClick has the following new features:

1. We are adding the ability to track the number of emails sent and bounced by campaign and we will be adding ratios to our reports to show open rates, click rates, web site browse rates, etc.
2. We have added a new report that provides a breakdown by web pages visited and then by campaign to provide a complete picture of who is viewing our clients web pages and which campaign put them there
3. We have updated the Click Track DETAILS and SUMMARY reports to now both pull totals by campaign of all results tracked. The Details report then also has the specifics of who did what and when.

To find out more about the new release of IntelliClick, please contact Wizard Systems.

Tip: How to integrate GoldMine CRM to your back office accounting system #CRM

GoldMine has a few ways of displaying or tracking what you supply to your customers and other useful financial information you have in your accounting system.

Sometimes the easiest thing to setup is to configure the “GM+View” Tab in GoldMine.  You might have seen this Tab on the Customer Record screen and wondered what it was.  The GM+View Tab is basically like a web page in GoldMine.  Almost anything you can do on a web site can be done with this screen.  So live information (but read only) can be displayed from your accounting system (e.g. Sage) showing customer details and transactions.


Another option is that data from your accounting system can be transferred into the GoldMine database automatically and information displayed in a similar way.  The advantage of this option is that because the data is in GoldMine it can be used for marketing and reporting purposes or data could trigger automated processes.  Also if you have any remote users using GoldMine synchronisation, data will be transferred to other GoldMine installations / remote salespeople.

GoldMine Premium Edition also has Dashboards – live displays summarising key information, and dashboards can be created displaying external data – e.g. A bar graph displaying debtor information over 30, 60 and 90 days.  When a user clicks on a part of the chart they can see all the customers/invoices outstanding for that period.

For more information on how you can integrate GoldMine with other applications, please contact Wizard Systems.

Using GoldMine CRM's Service Centre helps improve Customer Retention and share information with the sales team


By using GoldMine's Customer Service Centre, you have an easy way of tracking in a structured way all of your customer support activities.  Screens can be customised to track any information you want to know about your service call, like 'Type of Call', 'Priority' etc.  With the call entered, you can then track all of things you do in the life-cycle of that call - your Tasks, Actions, Phone Calls, Visits and E-mails - even if the E-mails were created in  Outlook!

GoldMine also includes a Knowledgebase that ties in with the Service Centre to give you an easy way of maintaining a searchable list of topics and FAQs.

What's more, GoldMine comes with a suite of reports and live dashboards to allow busy managers to keep on top of calls and trends.

If you're using Excel at the moment to track customer service calls, there's a better way!