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September 2010

GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.6 now available from Wizard Systems

Wizard Systems is pleased to announce the release of GoldMine Corporate Edition (GMCE) 7.6.  The main driver for this release is to support the latest Microsoft technology platform releases, as well as, improve product usability and administration capabilities.  And, as with all GoldMine releases, GMCE 7.6 continues to progress product quality -- there are over 70 fixes listed. 

GMCE 7.6 product improvements include Support for:

- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-bit)
- Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
- Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit)
- Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8
- Numerous Usability and Administration additions

- Lookup List / Cross field validation support which enables a lookup list to change based on the value of another field so users are presented with accurate information
- Option to “Show contact name on activity tabs” for both pending and historical activities so users can see in-depth contract information when viewing rolled-up list of activities
- Simultaneous alarms displayed on a single screen to help prevent multiple alarm pop-ups from getting buried beneath other windows in GoldMine
- Import a One-Button-Sync profile using Outlook the GoldSync: Administrator can now send a new one‐button sync profile to an undocked user via e‐mail and an end-user can apply the profile even when using Outlook for e-mail.

Please contact Wizard Systems to access this upgrade.

GoldMine Tip: How to link multiple messages from Outlook into GoldMine #CRM


You can link multiple messages to a Contact by pressing the CTRL key on the keyboard and then selecting multiple messages in outlook.  

After selecting all the messages that you want to link, click the ‘Link All Selected Messages To’ icon.

Then select from the following drop-down menu options:

 - Link selected messages to <Contact>

-  Link Selected Emails to their and select either Sender or First Recipient from the submenu.

NOTE: You must have a GoldMine Contact associated with the e-mail address to link messages.

How to access GoldMine CRM from your smartphone or Blackberry – Free Webinar

Join us on Friday 17th September for a free webinar on wMobile the most popular way of accessing GoldMine from you smartphone or Blackberry.  See how easy it is to see all your contact records, change information in real time, manage your activities and schedule, send e-mails while you’re on the move and update your sales opportunities.

All attendees will get access to a free evaluation system.

This is a free webinar of approx 30 minutes.  To register click here.

More information on the up and coming GoldMine Corp. Edition 7.6 Release

Here's a bit more information on the GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.6 release.

Compatibility updates:

- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2
- Microsoft Windows 7
- SQL Server 2008
- Internet Explorer 8
- Office 2010 (Outlook E-mail link and Word)

Other features:

- Cross-field validation (enables an F2 lookup list to change based on the value in another field)
- Option to "Show contact name on activity tabs"
- Simultaneous alarms displayed within a single screen
- Import a One-Button Sync Profile without using GoldMine user-to-user messaging

We will announce availability shortly and how to access the new version to our Corporate Edition Users.

PWC survey: 75% of companies say defective data in their #CRM system costs them money

Poor data quality has far-reaching effects and consequences for companies, wasting millions of pounds every year. Poor data management not only impacts on profit margins, but can also damage an organisation's brand, and increase its exposure to fraud and data protection penalties. According to a global data management study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 75% of companies surveyed admitted that defective data impacted them financially.

Our Data Cleansing Service can help you with:

  • Address Cleaning - Tidy up partial addresses. Add in missing postcodes or incorrect postcode
  • Append extra Business Information -

    - SIC
    - Telephone/ FAX
    - Number of Employees head office flag
    - Year established & Turnover
    - Credit Status & Rating

  • Suppression screening - In the event of a person no longer being at an address, you can use suppression files like National Change of Address (NCOA) or Gone Away Suppression (GAS) to flag this.
  • Mortality and Bereavement screening - to prevent brand damage, embarrassing situations and waste.
  • Telephone and Mail Preference Services screening - We check your records against the 6 million plus subscribers who object to receiving tele-sales calls or unsolicited mail.
  • Telephone number verification and appending - If you are involved in tele-marketing, the service offers you an affordable way to verify telephone numbers or append telephone numbers to addresses.
  • Consumer names profiling - We offer the base file of UK adults from the Electoral Roll for cleaning and verification of your targets.
  • Deduplication - Identifies duplicates within your database, helping you to avoid the waste of multiple mailings.

Contact Wizard systems for a quote

How to complete an e-mail campaign and follow up call in 20 seconds

Yes, it's that quick to carry out an ad-hoc marketing campaign with GoldMine.

1) Using the 'Contact Search Centre' just search for the contacts you want to mail to.
2) Tag all the contacts as shown (by a right mouse click):


3) Click on the Merge button & select the e-mail template you want to send (remember options in GoldMine to send right away or queue)
4) As a nice follow up, allocate phone calls amongst your sales people using GoldMine's Group Schedule feature (click on the Schedule Button and look at the Users Tab and the Series Tab)

Easy!  Can be done in under 20 seconds!  As long as you have your e-mail template already created of course!

Attend the best practice Webinar 'How to Manage Customer Support' with GoldMine #CRM

It's not too late to catch our up and coming webinar this Friday 10th September 3pm UK time on how to use GoldMine Premium Edition to manage customer service and support activities:

We'll cover:

• What information can the Service Centre track?
• Options for creating new cases (a service issue)
• How to escalate issues
• Using the knowledgebase to improve resolution times and store key items for your support organisation - commonly found issues to FAQs and company announcements
• How to track other information on a case like the phone calls and other e-mails you send out
• Options for completing and closing a case
• Customising your system to track the information you need to know
• Using Case Templates to save time on creating new cases
• Quick ways to access Key Performance Indicators – How many outstanding issues do we have?  What’s overdue?
• Reporting & Dashboards – How to print out reports to pick up on trends.  What are our top issues?  Who is calling us the most?

To regsiter go to: