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August 2010

Present one face to the Customer with GoldMine CRM software

GoldMine Customer Management software allows you to integrate all of the 'Customer Contact Channels'

How many ways can a Customer contact your organisation?

-  Phone
-  Meetings
-  Social Networking Sites
-  E-Mail
-  Your Web Site

The Gartner Group found recently that only 10% of organisations can integrate these channels.  Failure to integrate these channels will increase customer dissatisfaction and decrease customer loyalty.

By using GoldMine, you can, seek consistency in the customer experience throughout all channels, avoid
customer confusion by removing channel conflict, integrate information to deliver a context-rich experience for customers throughout each channel, and establish channel efficiencies (i.e, profit produced, customer value delivered).

Assemble and Merge Multiple PDFs in QuoteWerks with the latest version

The New QuoteWerks PDF merging features allows users to automate the creation of their sales quotes and proposal generation into one document that can be saved, emailed, and/or printed.


This feature merges multiple PDF documents into a singular document when emailing or saving the quote. Utilising this feature, users can create quotes and proposals including various types of supporting information such as spec sheets and literature and email the entire proposal as one document. The

advantage to this is that the recipient will only receive one PDF file containing all the quote information in a professionally formatted proposal that can be easily viewed from the email or printed as one document. It could also reduce the risk of your e-mail being identified as spam because of multiple attached PDF files.


The added PDF functionality in QuoteWerks enables you to produce highly detailed and professional quotes and deliver them in an easy and universal format to your customers. The ability to merge all documents into one file saves you countless hours of time over the course of a year and ensures you automatically include all documents required for the proposal, which reduces the likelihood you'll forget to add pertinent information.


For more information on QuoteWerks, the number one tool for sales quotations from GoldMine, or upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.

Are you in touch with all your Customers?

Are you in touch with all your Customers?  Have you remembered to call everyone back recently?

In GoldMine there's an easy way to ensure you're on top of all your calls/follow-ups and nobody has been forgotten.  Whenever GoldMine is updated with a phone call, or an appointment, the 'Last Contact Date' in the system is changed automatically.  You can see this for yourself on the 'Summary' Tab of the customer record.  Let's say we want to find all customers that have not been contacted or met since 1st June 2009.  From the Contact Search Centre, select the 'Lastconton' Field as follows:

Use the 'Less Than' Operator and the value would be '01/06/2009'. That will then instantly display those old contacts.  Of course this list can be saved - click on the Save button top left corner, and you can add other search criteria, like just wanting to find Customers, or contacts in a certain area or market sector. 

From here, there are more options in GoldMine to say send a mailer to them all or create a follow up call in ONE step.

How to drive traffic to your Linkedin site with GoldMine and IntelliClick

Here's a quick video of how to use GoldMine with IntelliClick (the e-mail response tracking option for GoldMine) to have all your outgoing e-mails display a link to your Linkedin profile, and then instantly know in GoldMine when any recipient looks up your profile.  The same procedure can be used with other social networking sites.

It's also a useful video on how to create a default e-mail template in GoldMine.

To see the video, click here.

IntelliClick can be used for tracking responses to all sorts of e-mails from GoldMine and any volume from single e-mails to many thousands.

What's due in GoldMine Corporate Edition version 7.6

 The following is expected for the up and coming release of GoldMine Corporate Edition (Subject to change):


Support for Microsoft Office 2010 provides integration with the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. 


Support for Windows 7 as an end-user operating system.


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1).


Support for Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2).


Support for Windows Server 2008 R2.


Support for Windows Internet Explorer 8.

Learn how to improve your marketing with GoldMine

Want to polish up your marketing skills and learn how to turn GoldMine into a lead generation machine?  Then join us for a one day course on ‘Marketing with GoldMine’ August 19th at our Bristol Training Centre and learn how to:

- Create advanced Filters and Groups
- Using Merge Codes to help define who gets what
- Creating Word Templates for custom direct mail letters
- Doing a Mail Merge with Word
- Following up a Mail Merge using the Group Schedule feature
- Using an Automated Process to automatically send e-mails and schedule follow up activities as part of a campaign
- Analysing the success of marketing with Leads Analysis and the new dashboards
- Researching New Leads for FREE with the Isearch.ini
- Creating an e-mail Template and e-mail marketing with GoldMine
- Overview of linking GoldMine to your Web Site (“Web Import”) to track all new leads and action on them instantly

Cost of the day’s training is £250 exc VAT per delegate (£225 if you have a support contract with Wizard Systems).  Lunch and refreshments are included.

To book, please contact Maxine Drew ( .