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Learn new ways to improve your e-mail marketing from GoldMine

Attend our Webinar on 4th August at 3pm (UK time) and see how the popular add on tool to GoldMine called 'IntelliClick' can improve your e-mail marketing from GoldMine.

IntelliClick allows you to track instantly in GoldMine (with an option to display a pop up alarm on any of these responses):

- E-mail opens
- Click throughs to a landing page
- Unsubscribes (system then prevents you sending e-mails to people who have unsubscribed)
- Bouncebacks
- Event Registrations with one click (customer does not need to fill out a form!)
- Literature Download with one click
- Call me back now button
- Future Web Site Visits (requires Web Nav Option)

Our Webinar will show off the new e-mail template library we have and the 'forward to a friend' feature to track the forwarding of your e-mails to other contacts.

To register for this free webinar, click here.

GoldMine Tip for copying details of a Calendar entry into another application

Within the calendar, right click over an appointment - Select the menu option "Output to", and select Clipboard. This allows all of the appointment details to be pasted in to any other application. It will copy all of the information about the appointment entry including the basic contact details and Notes.  There's also an option to copy into Word for slightly better formatting.  Details will come out like:

Appointment : Advanced GoldMine Training

Company: Wizard Systems
Contact: Tim Wilmot
Phone:   01454316800
Ext: Work

Opportunity/Project: TFM 2011 24-25 Feb Earls Court
When:    07/07/2010 09:00 -  10:30
User:    MASTER (Tim Wilmot)


GoldMine Outlook Integration with GoldMine version 9

Are you using the new Outlook Integration with GoldMine version 9?


Outlook integration includes several major enhancements in GoldMine Premium Edition version 9.


-    New GoldMine panes in Outlook show related contact information.  See all of your important information in GoldMine without leaving Outlook.  Administrators can configure the display to select the fields and layout to be shown in Outlook.

-    E-mails can be linked to contacts, opportunities, projects, and cases from Outlook. 

-    Automatic linking for messages sent and received in Outlook, with the ability to prompt the user to find or create a contact if there is no matching e-mail address in GoldMine.

-    Centralized administration for Outlook synchronization enables administrators to set synchronization settings and schedules for GoldMine users.

-    Support for recurring activities when synchronizing with Outlook

-    Option to automatically link attachments without prompting the user.  In Outlook, go to Setup GoldMine Plus > Options > Use GoldMine attachment handling settings.  This option will apply the Existing Attachment Default Action that is established here in GoldMine:  Tools > Options > E-mail > More Options > Advanced. 

-    One-Button Synchronization Profiles can be applied without using the GoldMine internal e-mail client.  To update a profile when using Outlook for e-mail, save the profile attachment from the e-mail in Outlook, open GoldMine, go to Tools > Synchronize > Synchronization Settings, browse to the file, and click Update.

-    Outlook can be used for composing messages when clicking the E-mail hyperlink in GoldMine.  Go to Tools > Options > E-mail and click Use Outlook for linked e-mail addresses.

-    Improved usability in Outlook when re-linking an e-mail message to a different contact

-    A new navigation pane in Outlook displays clickable links to recently viewed items in GoldMine, to make it easier to switch between applications.

-    An option to include the contact’s address in the subject that appears in Outlook after synchronizing calendar items.  Go to Tools > Configure > Outlook Integration Settings > Sychronization > Set Up… > Next > Advanced and check Add contact’s address to subject.