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GoldMine Tip on how to alter record Scroll Order in GoldMine!

In the Contact Search Centre you can right click and select “Set Record Scroll Order”

When using the search centre it is possible to click a heading to reorder your search results.  this can then be used as the scroll order on the main record screen. The scroll order is the order in which you can scroll through records by using the left and right arrow buttons in the top right corner of the contact record window, or by using your 'wheel' mouse.

IntelliClick for GoldMine now includes a 'relay service' for sending e-mails

Effective July1, 2010, IntelliClick is including SMTP Relay Services as part of its standard product features.  A relay service allows your marketing e-mails being sent from GoldMine to go through a relay server and NOT your server.  That way your company e-mail server does not endanger getting blacklisted.

We have partnered with Unified Email to provide IntelliClick customers the benefit of improved deliverability and an accurate way to track and clean undeliverable emails. This option is included at no extra cost for those purchasing all versions of IntelliClick (excludes eTrack only Annual version with limited tracked click results). The included SMTP Relay account allows for up to 5,000 messages sent per month at a rate of up to 1,000 per hour. Upgrades to larger volumes are available at a very reasonable cost if needed.

Note: All IntelliClick customers who have purchased or renewed their subscription since May 1, 2010 will be offered the opportunity to get this service at no extra charge. All other annual subscription customers will receive an SMTP relay account upon their subscription renewal.

SMTP Relay Services and other email tools are also available on a standalone basis for GoldMine users who do not use the IntelliClick tracking capabilities.

Latest GoldMine Compatibility Matrix

The PDF document below is an overview of current compatibility between the offerings of the GoldMine family of products (great for checking whether your version is compatible with Windows 7 for example). Information for unreleased products is subject to change. FrontRange Solutions does not support any application or operating system that is in BETA or has not been thoroughly tested by FrontRange Solutions’ Quality Assurance (QA) team. This document will be updated with information as it becomes available:

Download GoldMine_Compatibility_Matrix

GoldMine Training - Latest dates for scheduled GoldMine Courses at Wizard Systems Training Centre

These are our latest dates over the summer for GoldMine Training at Wizard Systems. We also offer of course training on site or via the web. Discounts are available for those customers who have a Support Contract with Wizard Systems.

Course Name (Click on Course name to download PDF Agenda)

Date Duration
Marketing with GoldMine

8th July

1 Day

GoldMine Introduction
Great for NEW users!
We can also provide Training on older versions of GoldMine

22nd June
14th July
4th August

1 Day

29th June
21st July
11th August

1 Day
GoldMine Systems Administration

Please Call

1 Day

7th July
28th July
18th August

1 Day

Please call us on 01454 316800 to find out more about places and prices.

GoldMine Tip on using the Preview Tab when using Filters

Use the Preview tab on the Filters and Groups dialog box to test your filter before activating it.
Use the following procedure to test your filter.
1.  In the Filters and Groups dialog box, on the Filters tab, highlight the filter to test and click the Preview tab.

The Preview tab displays the selected filter in the upper text box.
2.  To edit the filter expression in the upper text box, right-click and select the necessary options from the local menu.

3.  Click Search All to run the filter. The results display in the lower text box.  

4.  Use these options to alter the results:

-  Build Filter. Displays the Expression Builder dialog box to modify an existing filter or build a new filter. After selecting the filter of a GoldMine user, the available options are the same as for Creating Filters.

-  Save. Displays the Save Query dialog box to save the filter expression or the selected records as a group. If you save only the filter expression, the actual records selected by the filter might differ when the filter is activated, depending upon changes to your contact database.

-  Drill Down. Lets you select a filter—existing or newly built—that GoldMine applies only to the records already selected on the basis of a different filter. For example, if after performing a search based on a filter to select the records of contacts located in Bristol, GoldMine retrieved 200 records, apply differing filters to only those 200 records.

Goldmine Enterprise 6.3.1 Is Here!

Wizard Systems is pleased to announce the GoldMine Enterprise Edition (GMEE) 6.3.1 release.  

GoldMine Enterprise Edition 6.3.1, the summer 2010 release to the powerful GMEE product line provides additional benefits to any company, including improvements to customer service and support capabilities as well as partner relationship management functionality, a comprehensive self service accessible business model, and numerous enhancements to an already flexible foundation technology. 
GMEE 6.3 Release Highlights include:

• Advanced Customer Service and Support: leverage a lower cost communication channel with all clients so clients can submit cases, problems, service request, etc. via self service module for customer service agents to be assigned and respond to. 

• Usability Enhancements allows clients to view record information through pop up’s or screen refreshes so users can see data in a way that makes them most productive.

• Partner business relationship model improvements help companies who market or sell to end clients via third party partner or reseller channel.  Clients can now capture partner contact information, as well as define margin calculations, certification milestones and partnership levels with this enhanced partner relationship model.

• Additional Dashboards: over a dozen new dashboards have been added to help clients better analyze their CRM business.  Also, a new My Dashboards feature is available which displays important information to the user when they log into GMEE (please see note below regarding My Dashboard license key information).

• Compatibility and Security updates so clients can get the most of their IT investments.

• Activity Management Expansions to drive user adoption rates in a positive direction.

This release consolidates all the previous enhancements and issue fixes released in Foundation 6.3.  GoldMine Enterprise Edition 6.3.1, along with the FrontRange Foundation 6.3 technology release contains over 140 product improvements and additions that assist in the overall advancement to each CRM feature of GMEE. 

This patch consolidates all previous enhancements and issue fixes from GMEE 6.0.7 and before.  To acquire the GMEE 6.3.1 release, GMEE client’s current on maintenance should contact Wizard Systems.