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Latest GoldMine Training Dates for your Diary

Wizard Systems are running the following GoldMine Training courses at our Authorised GoldMine Training Centre:

GoldMine Introduction - Full day training - great for new starters
22nd June
14th July
4th August

GoldMine Advanced - Full day training - great for advanced users wanting to get more out of GoldMine
29th June
21st July
11th August

Crsytal Reports - Full day training - learn how to use the standard reporting tool in GoldMine to create professional looking reports
7th July
28th July
18th August

Marketing with GoldMine - Full day training - learn how to use GoldMine as a powerful marketing tool
8th July

Please contact Maxine Drew or Tim Wilmot on 01454 316800 for more information and prices including bulk booking discounts.

For more information on our GoldMine Training and Agendas, please click here.


Rollup the Relationship Tree in GoldMine

See all details across many GoldMine records using the GoldMine Relationship tab rollup facility

Account Roll-up allows you to view information in the Contacts, Details, Referrals, Pending, History, Links, Members, Tracks, Opportunities, and Projects tabs by consolidating all the contacts under the selected organisation or section in the relationship tab.

In the Relationships tab select the top of the tree or any section and on the Relationship Tab toolbar select the Rollup button to activate the details of many GoldMine records in to the current record. Remember to deactivate to go back to the normal GoldMine view of records. 

GoldMine tip on how to hide the GoldMine Process Monitor Window

At times, the process monitor pops up in the middle of the GoldMine Premium Edition window.

The easiest resolution for this is to dock the process monitor window and 'PIN' it closed.

To dock your process monitor, simply drag the window to any side of your GoldMine workspace, I tend to use the bottom. Once docked, you can click on the push-pin icon to ‘Pin’ the process monitor closed. Once pinned, the process monitor will only open when you hover your mouse over the pinned process monitor title bar at the edge or bottom of the screen.

Attend our next GoldMine Webinar on May 27th to learn how to improve the quality of your data

Attend our next GoldMine Webinar on Thursday May 27th at 3pm (UK time) and learn how to use all the tools in GoldMine to keep your database accurate, consistent, up to date and without duplicate records.  Keeping your GoldMine database clean and tidy ensures you have a system which is easier to use, helps you improve your marketing capabilities and improves the quality of management information.  'Garbage in, garbage out' maybe an old saying, but people are more likely to use a system which has better quality data.

The training will cover:

- Advanced Searches.  Help filter out the rubbish and old leads who never bought anything.  How many records do you have with no Contact Name?

- Using Global Replace to change bulk data in one operation.  E.g.  Change all Address Fields to Proper Case.

- Changing details across a company using the Organisation Chart or Relationship Tab.

- Archiving and deleting old history records.

- Managing duplicate records.

- Procedures for handling new users and old users who have left.  Learn how to reallocate old tasks to other users.

- Introduce conventions for standardising on the use of GoldMine.

The webinar is on Thursday 27th May at 3pm, and will last one hour.  Again, all you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet.

The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.

To register for this Webinar, click here.