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March 2010

wMobile version 2.0 released

wMobile is the most popular add on for GoldMine to give you real-time access to your GoldMine system from your Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Mobile device.  New in version 2 just released:

Infrastructure Changes
wMobile 2.0 has been updated to support the latest Microsoft standards and platforms. wMobile is now fully 64 bit compliant and supports the latest .NET 3.5 framework and Windows 2008 64 bit servers. wMobile installers have been updated to be more intelligent about the web server environment the application is going into.  wMobile continues to support all BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm devices.

SSL Mail and Gmail Support
wMobile now supports encrypted e-mail SSL protocols for more secure e-mail management and support for Gmail accounts.  Gmail in increasingly popular as a business e-mail host performing email services for GoldMine and Outlook clients.  wMobile now fully supports this platform.

Opportunity Management
wMobile supports full opportunity management with complete view and editability of all Opportunity information elements including influencers, linked documents, issues, multiple item forecasts, pending and history activities.

Support for alarmed activities
When a user has alarmed activities an alarm flag is shown within the wMobile user interface directing the user to the alarmed activities.

Email Attachments
wMobile users can now e-mail any document that has been linked to a CRM contact. If a contact wants an e-mailed quotation or copy of a contract, this is now possible from your mobile device.

Customisable Contact Screen
The wMobile system can be further customised to include any user defined or standard CRM field in the main wMobile contact record view and contact related page header. This makes key information visible at a glance.

Clone current contact to new record
When entering a new contact record a previously viewed contact record can be cloned to save time and keystrokes.

GoldMine Tip on how to 'hide' GoldMine Field Labels and Data

It's easy to hide a Contact Record field label and the value based on the value in the field, or in another field using the Label Color Expression and the Data Color Expression fields.  In the following example, the label and data for the Source field are hidden, if the Key1 field value is 'Employee'.


To hide both the label and the data, add the expression to the Label Color Expression field and the Data Color Expression field in the Field Properties of the Source field.