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January 2010

Hotfix for issue when composing an email and linking it to an opportunity or project

Some customers have reported a new issue in GoldMine Premium 8.5.2 and we have a hotfix available for it through tech support. Most customers won't run into the problem scenario and therefore will not need this hotfix.

Scenario: While composing an e-mail message in GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5.2, you choose to link the message to an opportunity or project.

Problem: When the message is sent, it is no longer linked to the opportunity or project. However, the message can be manually linked from the Inbox or Sent folder. 

Resolution: Customers and partners affected by this problem can get hotfix from Wizard Systems Support Services.

Learn how to integrate your website into GoldMine in one hour

Wouldn't it be nice if every time someone filled out a web form on your web site, the contact information was directly imported into GoldMine? Never re-key information again!  Solidify your web marketing strategy and take advantage of the benefits associated with Internet marketing using GoldMine's Web Import capability.

Join us for a one hour on line training session on Friday 22nd January at 3pm (UK time).  Wizard Systems are the UK's leading GoldMine experts with 16 years experience of supporting and training on GoldMine.  We will show you how to:

-  Automate data/lead capture
-  Gets leads to the sales team faster than before (no more cutting and pasting from e-mails)
-  Less data entry, time saving and more accurate
-  Faster response time using auto e-mail replies and scheduled follow up activities
-  Automatically fill-in fields using pre-defined field
-  Trigger automatically a 'sales process' like thank you e-mails and follow up sales call
-  Report on your leads
All you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet!  You will be able to hear our Trainer either via your PC Speakers, a headset connected to your PC or by dialing a local phone number (not premium rate!).

Anyone who has a web site and needs to follow up enquiries should attend this session.
The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.  This will be invoiced to your company after you attend.
To register for this training session, click here.


GoldMine version 9 will have even more integration with Outlook

In previous versions of GoldMine, O licenses were used to extend minimal GoldMine functionality (known as “GISMO”) to Outlook users without using a GoldMine E license. This gave them the ability to use Outlook, but have all their e-mails linked into GoldMine.  In version 9.0, we are greatly increasing the GoldMine functionality inside Outlook, with additional linking options and ability to display GoldMine data in the context of Outlook e-mail messages, contacts, and calendar items. This functionality will consume an E license when used within Outlook.

In version 9.0, users will have the option of using Outlook without consuming a GoldMine license, by unchecking the “Enable GoldMine integration” box that is shown within GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook.

Neat little tip on how to tailor activity 'result codes' based on 'activity code'

One of the latest features of GoldMine Premium Edition gives you the ability to restrict the values of a field drop-down list based on the current value of another field on the contact record.  These rules can also be applied to the drop-down list on GoldMine activity records, such as appointments and calls.  For instance you can now restrict which result codes are displayed depending on the activity code selected.