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GoldMine Tip - How to setup a custom field on a customers record to warn you of any notes against that customer

Here's a simple way of creating a custom field on your GoldMine screen to display and warn you if the record has some Notes:

-Log into Goldmine Premium as a master user
-Right click in the top half of the screen and choose 'Screen design'
-A floating tool bar called designer will appear
-Press 'New' and pick 'dbase Expression from the drop down list.   Now press ok
-Drag the new ‘expr’ field and place it in the correct location
 Note: the field will appear red if it is in an area where it cannot be placed
-Double click the field and the field properties window will appear
-Press 'more options'
-In the field label data select the expression radio button
-Enter the following expression...   iif(trim(&notes) > "" , "Record has Notes","")
-Press OK
-Select the Color tab, change the data colour as required
-Press OK
-Select the layout tab,
-Change the 'Field label' size to 0
-Change the 'Field data' size to 15
-Press OK

You will now have created an expression field that displays "Record has Notes"

GoldMine Support for Microsoft Windows v7

GoldMine Premium Edition is due to become officially supported on Windows7 with the release of Premium Edition version 9.  Version 9 is currently expected for release at the end or Quarter 1 2010

The previous work to make GoldMine Premium Edition Windows Vista compatible has ensured GoldMine Premium has very few issues on Windows 7.   Wizard Systems has successfully been running GoldMine Premium 8.03 and GoldMine 8.51 on 32Bit & 64Bit versions for several months on Windows V7 without issue.

GoldMine Corporate Edition

Corporate Edition version 7.51 is not currently supported on Windows7 however it should run without issue on this platform.  GoldMine 7.5 is expected to become officially supported on Windows7 with the release of Corporate Edition version 7.52 currently due for release in the first Quarter of 2010

GoldMine Corporate Edition versions 4.0 to 7.0 are not supported on windows 7 or Windows Vista.  Meanwhile, GoldMine Standard Edition versions up to 6.7 are not supported on windows 7 or Windows Vista.  Wizard Systems is able to offer a complete upgrade service at extremely attractive prices for upgrades to the current version of GoldMine Premium Edition.  Please contact us on 01454 316800 for details of these special upgrade offers.

Special offer for GoldMine Standard Edition users to upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition

Available for any installations of 5 or more users, order before December 18th 2009 and get the upgrade at only £255 per license, a saving of £60 per license on the normal price. The cost of GoldMine excludes the annual Maintenance & Support.

Benefits of upgrading from GoldMine Standard Edition to GoldMine Premium Edition are:

1) Faster and even easier to use with a new, intuitive and modern interface.
2) Faster operation on larger systems or larger number of users because it runs on MS SQL.
3) More options for remote access (e.g. over the Web or via a PDA/Blackberry).
4) More options for integrating with other applications.
5) More robust and reliable database format.
6) Background maintenance and admin unlike dBase where users have to log off. So very little downtime with an SQL system.
7) Faster and better reporting with the Crystal Reports software included.
8) GoldMine Premium Edition includes all synchronisation software, which was priced separately with Standard Edition. Synchronisation is also faster in this version.
9) Better security over dBase systems. DBase systems can be accessed easily via Windows Explorer and files opened via Excel.
10) Compatibility with Vista and Office 2007.
11) New Customer Service capability to track customer support problems/calls.
12) Built in link to Outlook e-mail.
13) Options for integration with Exchange (e.g. for automatic Calendar sharing).
14) Easier Filtering and Grouping of records.
15) Standard Edition which runs on dBase, has a 2GB file size limit. GoldMine Premium running on MS SQL has no limit.

Please contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800 for more information.

Crystal Reports Training Course for GoldMine January 6th

Come and join us for a one day intensive training course on Crystal Reports for GoldMine on January 6th.

The course will cover report creation, formatting reports, grouping and sorting information, creating expressions/calculations and graphs.  The training will be specific for GoldMine and will also cover the structure of GoldMine itself, so you are familiar with how to report on almost any aspect of the GoldMine database.

Please e-mail for more information and costs.

Learn how to improve Customer Service in GoldMine Premium Edition with with Wizard Systems one hour webinar

Excellent customer service is key to retaining customers.  Attend our next one hour on line training session on Friday 4th December at 2pm UK time, and see how you can get the most from GoldMine’s Customer Service functionality (Please note that this is only available in GoldMine Premium Edition):

-  Increase customer satisfaction
-  Improve Service Levels
-  Move from fire fighting to fire prevention
-  Have a structured way of managing customer support issues
-  Identify sales opportunities
-  Let your salespeople have visibility of customer service activity
-  Handle more calls without having to employ extra staff

Our one hour course will cover:

-  GoldMine Service Centre overview
-  How to create cases and link other activities like e-mails to a case
-  Options for completing cases
-  Learn how to create case templates to save time
-  Using analysis to find how many issues are open? How many cases are overdue?
-  How to customise the Service Centre
-  How to create reports using Crystal Reports

Sign up for this course, and we will include a free Crystal Report worth £95. This report would be the perfect starting point for creating your own custom reports!

All you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet!  You will be able to hear our Trainer either via your PC Speakers, a headset connected to your PC or by dialing a local phone number (not premium rate!).

The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.  This will be invoiced to your company after you attend.

To register for this training session, click here.

Save disk space when deleting emails in GoldMine

By default when you delete an email in GoldMine the attachement remains stored on your hard drive and uses up space. Why not make sure the attachments are deleted at the same time as the email?

Select Tools > Options from the menu.
Select the E-mail tab.
Click on 'More Options' to open the 'E-mail Preferences' dialog box.
Select the 'Advanced' tab.
On the Advanced tab In 'Message', check 'Delete attachments when deleting the mail'.

Have you always wanted a GoldMine SQL query that will show the colour of a pending appointment? Here's an example GoldMine SQL query

 substring(Cal.APPTUSER,10,1) 'Colourcode',
 Colour =

 CASE  substring(Cal.APPTUSER,10,1)
  when  ' ' then 'BLUE'
  when  '!' then 'PINK'
  when  Char(34) then 'LIGHT RED'
  when  '#' then  'CYAN'
  when  '$' then  'LIGHT GREEN' 
  when  '%' then  'YELLOW'
  when  '&' then  'TURQUOISE'
  when  '''' then  'WHITE'
  when  '(' then  'LIGHT GREY'
  when  ')' then  'DARK RED'
  when  '*' then  'DARK GREEN'
  when  '+' then  'LIGHT BROWN'
  when  ',' then  'DARK BLUE'
  when  '-' then  'PURPLE'
  when  '.' then  'DARK GREY'
  when  '/' then  'BLACK'


from cal
join contact1 on contact1.accountno = cal.accountno
where rectype = 'A'