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August 2009

FrontRange launches CRM product to increase helpdesk efficiency and improve customer loyalty

FrontRange Solutions, a leader in business software solutions announced the launch of GoldMineTM Customer Service Edition, designed to help organizations improve customer satisfaction by supporting multiple touch points and providing key performance metrics.
Building on the success and reputation of the GoldMine product range, the new edition targets mid-market organisations (25 - 500 users) looking to simplify their complex relationship management processes, which track every interaction between the organisation and its customer base.

Key to the new release is an upgraded case management system, allowing businesses to organise their relationship management with multi-dimensional contacts, while also automating routine and repetitive tasks to increase efficiency.

IT support staff can prioritise queries and identify trends more quickly, while greater visibility and additional voice functionality enables companies to offer continual coverage without the need to take on additional staff.
The new skills-based routing system included in GoldMine Customer Service Edition ensures that calls are automatically transferred to the most appropriate technician, by identifying trends concerning the caller and matching the customer to the expert instantly. By decreasing the waiting time for callers, the new tool aids customer retention, as customer issues are worked through to resolution in the minimum time, while widespread problems are exposed and dealt with proactively.
Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief of TMC Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine commented:  "It is a long-standing business principle that the cost to retain an existing customer is dramatically lower than adding a new client. Effective customer service, supported by a robust CRM system, is an essential tool in maintaining strong relationships with your client base."
Customer service staff also benefit from the new edition, as the increased dashboard customisation allows advisors to filter customer data in any required formats through any combination. This provides up to date and accurate customer profiles so staff are able to answer questions more easily, while understanding key trends surrounding customer buying and problem management. Organisations with large amounts of information can generate reports and analytics to gain real insight into their customer base.
Other features of the new edition include new call recording capabilities, whisper coaching for internal training and silent listening processes.
Greg Anderson, general manager of the Goldmine solution, commented: "We realise how vital it is for organisations to offer exceptional customer service, particularly when economic times are hard, so we are delighted to be helping businesses to improve the speed and efficiency with which they are able to deal with customer queries."
FrontRange GoldMine Customer Service Edition is available to new customers now.  Existing GoldMine customers looking to upgrade should contact FrontRange Support for guidance.

For more information, contact Wizard Systems.

How to run Crystal Reports from within GoldMine

It's possible to run Crystal Reports from within GoldMine without giving users access to the Crystal Reports designer.  To do this you will need to do the following things for each pc/workstation...

-Install the Crystal 11 Runtime
-setup an ODBC data source
-Configure the GoldMine user to use the correct data source.

1. Installing the Crystal 11 Runtime

-Download the following file...

-Install it on each workstation that needs to run Crystal Reports

2. To Setup an ODBC data source

Creating ODBC data source

-Select... Start | Control Panel
-Make sure you are in "classic view" by using the switch to option on the left hand side
-Select...  Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC)
-Select the.. System DSN Tab
-Choose ‘Add’, pick the 'SQL Server' driver and Finish
-Enter the Name for the ODBC source 'GoldMine'
-Enter the Server name in the server option and then choose 'Next'
-Select 'Use SQL server authentication'
-Tick 'Connect to SQL server' to obtain default settings'
-Enter your SQL username and password then choose 'Next'
-Tick changes the default databases and change to your GoldMine database
-Select 'next' then 'finish'

Note: You do not have to use the SQL SA username! Crystal Reports will only require a user with 'data reader' access to SQL or If you have Windows authentication configured choose this option when creating your data source

3. Log into GoldMine

-Select... Goto | Reports | Report Centre
-Right click on the crystal reports folder and choose 'Set ODBC data sources'
-Fill in your data source
-Enter the sql username and password (Leave blank for windows auth)
-Select OK

4. Run the Report

For more information on GoldMine Support, contact Wizard Systems.

More power to e-mail rules in GoldMine, using the dictionary option

E-mail rules in GoldMine define how you want the system to handle incoming or outgoing e-mails. In GoldMine's e-mail rules you are able to select/create a dictionary file when choosing the criteria. This would allow you very easily prepare a rule based on any words that appear in a dictionary text file. Uses range from, automatic responses to certain contacts, Spam filtering, auto confirmations and much more. Create a new rule on the Edit Rule Condition Screen select the field required and then choose “In Dictionary” as a logical condition. The Value field then gives an option to Select or Create a Dictionary File.

Learn how to create Word, Excel and E-mail templates from GoldMine in our next on line training session Wednesday 26th August at 3pm UK time

Learn how to save hours of your time every week by using the template feature in GoldMine to create custom letters, forms and e-mails in a flash.

As well as saving time, you can ensure that all correspondence has the same corporate style and everything is logged against the customer record for easy retrieval.

Attend our next one hour on line training session on Wednesday 26th August at 3pm UK time:

• Create templates with GoldMine’s link to Word.  Great for common everyday business letters, or detailed proposals.
• No need to read long winded software user guides and manuals:  Receive our free 9-Step guide for creating GoldMine Word Templates.
• Create a letter suitable for Window Envelopes with fold marks so the address appears in the window!
• Quick and Simple quoting from Excel!! Receive a free example of an Excel Quote template that launches from GoldMine and shows examples of different delivery addresses, customer discounts, auto filled line items from a product list
• Create e-mail templates so you can make sure all your colleagues have high-quality, consistent responses to various situations at their fingertips.
• Learn how to create an attention grabbing ‘HTML’ template without knowing HTML

All you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet!  You will be able to hear our Trainer either via your PC Speakers, a headset connected to your PC or by dialing a UK phone number (not premium rate!).
The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.  This will be invoiced to your company after you attend.
To register for this training session, click on the link below: