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GoldMine Webinar - learn 16 new tips & tricks for GoldMine on Friday 5th June

Learn 16 top Tips & Tricks for GoldMine to help improve your productivity and save time.  Join us on this one hour webinar (an interactive training session conducted over the web) on Friday 5th June at 3pm for one hour and learn these top tips which you can implement on your own GoldMine system in a matter of minutes.
Tips include:
-  Easy ways to ensure customer contact follow up
-  Make good use of the GoldMine Taskbar to call up information with one mouse click
-  Quick Login to GoldMine
-  Make the Best of F2 lookups
-  Quick Analysis of customer activity levels
-  Find all newly created records
-  Record Alerts
-  Automatically update Fields to save time
-  Tweaking configuration files
-  Tweak the Lookup.ini to automatically allocate contact records to users
-  Manage time more effectively with Activity Codes
-  Quick Exports and Imports of information
-  And More
Again, all you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet!  You will be able to hear our Trainer either via your PC Speakers, a headset connected to your PC or by dialing a UK phone number (not premium rate!).
The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.  This will be invoiced to your company after you attend.
To register for this training session, click here.

GoldBook version 1.5 released to link GoldMine with QuickBooks

GoldBook 1.5 is now available to link QuickBooks to GoldMine: 

  • Sending QuickBooks Estimates to GoldMine Calendar or History as a Sale
  • Sending QuickBooks Sales Orders to GoldMine Calendar or History as a Sale
  • Sending QuickBooks Invoices to GoldMine History as a Sale
  • Sending QuickBooks Sales Receipts to GoldMine History as a Sale
  • Sending QuickBooks Purchase Orders to GoldMine History as a Sale

For more information, contact Wizard Systems on 01454 316800.

QuoteWerks Webinar -- Sales Quotes made easy -- See a quotation system linked to GoldMine

Are doing sales quotes a chore for your company? Do they take a long time to do? Fed up with using Word or Excel to do your quotes? Is your product and pricing information all over the place? Unhappy about the quality of your quotes? Can't get any management information out? Is there poor follow up of quotes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then attend our free Webinar (a live presentation over the Internet) and see how QuoteWerks sales quotation software could revolutionise the way your company creates quotes. The Webinar is on Wednesday 3rd June at 2pm UK time and lasts approx 30 minutes.

QuoteWerks is a popular, low cost, easy to use system to manage the complete quotation and sales tracking process. It can run 'stand-alone' or integrate seamlessly with some of the top contact-management programs, such as ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Microsoft CRM, Outlook,, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic, allowing fast quote generation for customers already in your database. QuoteWerks can track all your products and services, and has a number of ways of defining how those items are priced. It also works with different currencies. You can also create bundles of items, see product price history, enter volume discounts, use the product configurator and link similar products together to offer substitutions. You can fax, print, or email (in a secure PDF format) a quote by customising your output or using a variety of pre-existing templates.

Click here to register.

New wMobile for GoldMine 1.9 released offering more options for accessing GoldMine information from your phone

Wizard Systems are please to announce the release of version 1.9 of wMobile, the popular add-on for GoldMine to access GoldMine from your Windows Mobile or Blackberry device.

wMobile 1.9 has:

• Linked Document Support
• Detail Record Support
• Contact Record User Interface Redesign
• Email Client User Interface Redesign
• Email Support for forwarding attachments
• GoldMine Internal Email Support
• Page Navigation Redesign
• New Record Duplicate Contact Check
• Account Password Lockout Protection
• Scheduling: Support for Multiple Users
• GoldMine 8.5 Support
• Minor Enhancements:
– Default activity duration
– Default field values for new additional contacts
– Support for untimed activities

Tip for getting back 'lost' Help Pages in GoldMine

Have Help Topics gone missing in GoldMine? When opening the GoldMine Help files by clicking on the Help option, the user will see "Page cannot be displayed.”

The error is due to Windows critical update KB896358 for Windows XP, 2000, and 2003 operating systems.

Here’s how to fix the problem:

  • Locate the goldmine.chm file under the root folder of GoldMine
  • Right-click on the file and select Copy
  • Go to your desktop, right click and choose Paste
  • Open GoldMine
  • Right click on the gray space in the right hand taskbar (if you do not see the taskbar on the right hand side of the contact record, go to the Window tab on the toolbar at the top and choose Taskbar)
  • After right-clicking on the grey part of the taskbar, choose Add New Item
  • In the "Item Type" box, click on the drop down and choose Document Link
  • In the Caption box, type: Help Topics
  • In the Document box, choose the dropdown and browse to your desktop (be sure to show "All Files")
  • Highlight the goldmine.chm file and choose OK
  • On the taskbar in GoldMine you will see a yellow question mark. Click on it the Help files will open.

Making GoldMine lookups in Fields related to each other with 'cross-field validation'

New in GoldMine 8.5... Cross-field validation enables an F2 lookup list to change based on the value in another field.  For example, you can enter a value for the Title field that is only valid for a specific Department.  To enable this option, click the Setup button in the Field Lookup (F2) screen and select “Lookup list depends on another field”.  Check the “Force valid input” box to enforce the validation.

GoldMine User Group at Bristol UK next week - and it's free!

We still have a few places left for our GoldMine User Group meeting next week on Friday 15th May.  We'll be showing the latest versions of GoldMine, popular GoldMine add-ons and our key presenter will be Greg Anderson from FrontRange, who is the main person responsible for GoldMine worldwide.  The event is free to all GoldMine Users.

Click on the above link or call UK 01454 316800 to register.

GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 now has new tools to track relationships in your database

GoldMine 8.5 includes new tools for managing relationships between records in your database.  To set up relationships between records that already are in your database, use the new relationship tree builder at Tools > Data Management > Create Default Relationship Trees.  To add relationships as new records are created, check the “Relate To” box when adding a new record.  The section name used when creating a new record can also be set by record type (Tools > Configure > Record Types, select a record type, click Edit, and enter a Relationship Tree Section Name).

Wizard Systems announce release of GoldMine Mobile Edition 3.0.3



Added PAST_ACTIVITIES_MAX_DAYS connector property to limit past activities by days. By defaults it is set to 30. See Vaultus Server Maintenance Guide to change this property.

Added IGNORE_VAULTUS_FILTER_ON_ACTIVITY connector property to ignore Vaultus filter on activity so that a user can see all the activities that belong to him even if there is Vaultus filter in place. My default it is set to TRUE. See Vaultus Server Maintenance Guide to change this property.

Added "MY_ACTIVITES_TO_DISPLAY" connector property to filter activities based on Type. My default its set to Call Back,Next Action,Appointment,Other,Event,Sales potential.

Meta-data optimization for better FDR and Sync performance.

Use of UNC path is supported when VMSServer is run as a Windows Service

While adding a new contact, the Record Type (KEY1) field is now a lookup and an editable field.

The calendar font size has been increased and also when you select an activity on a calendar, it now pops up a dialog box like below for two seconds.

Support for BlackBerry 4.3 to 4.6 Operating Systems

Supports Blackberry Bold device

Supports BIS-B network connections. Now, two OTB GoldMine Mobile application available

• – To be installed in environment where there is BlackBerry Enterprise Server/MDS setup.

• – To be installed in environment where there is no BlackBerry Enterprise Server/MDS setup. Extra configuration is needed for this deployment. Refer to BISB_Deployment for more information.

GoldMine.3.0.3 BIS-B also supports DIRECT CONNECT

Installer automates the process of picking up connection information for GoldMine from gm.ini file so that a user does not need to enter this information manually.


Use of UNC path is supported for location of LICENSE.BIN file for Authentication as well as data retrieval. Make sure to start "VMP Authentication Server" and "VMP Mobile Sales Server" under the user who has access to the UNC share

Don't get blacklisted by sending out high volume e-mails from GoldMine

Don't get blacklisted by sending out bulk e-mails from GoldMine!  Use the new Batch E-mail Processor for GoldMine!

  • Send Any Size Email Blast Directly From GoldMine
  • Control How Many Messages Are Sent And How Often
  • Efficiently Send Email Campaigns Through Any Server You Desire
  • Comply With Contacts Who Unsubscribe....Automatically!!
  • Email Send Rate Management

The IntelliClick Batch Email Processor adds control and power to sending large email campaign blasts from messages you queue in GoldMine. Set how many emails are sent and the time interval between each batch. Whether sending your campaign through your own internal email server or using an external SMTP server, you control the rate messages are processed.  

Unsubscribe Management

Until now, it has only been possible to manage GoldMine email opt out at a company level. The IntelliClick Batch Email Processor For GoldMine allows you to distinguish specific primary and additional contacts who have unsubscribed, limiting your email campaigns to only those who who want to receive your email messages.   

Combine the Batch Email Processor with the IntelliClick eTrack and WebNav modules for a comprehensive eMarketing solution.