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How to automatically track visits to your web site with GoldMine and IntelliClick

IntelliClick is a great add on to GoldMine to track responses to e-mail campaigns.  The latest version of IntelliClick has a ‘WebNav’ option to track visits to your site automatically in your GoldMine database.

Basically, e-mails you send out have some intelligent codes in them to allow you to track instantly what pages on your site are visited and when and by whom.  A simple line of code on certain pages on your web site controls which ones you want to track.  It’s very easy to setup.

There’s also an option to schedule an alarmed task in GoldMine or an e-mail when a page is visited!

Contact Wizard Systems for a demo.

Tip on how to speed up entry of product prices in a GoldMine sales forecast

Here's a handy tip if you need to enter in detailed sales forecasts by product and there are standard prices per product:  When creating a product in a sales forecast format it, Product Name // Price e.g. Laptop PC//300 this will place the product price in to the forecast!  You could put these entries in your drop down list for the product reference.

New version of wMobile 1.9 released to support mobile access to GoldMine

wMobile is the most popular add on option to access real-time your GoldMine system from a Windows Mobile or Blackberry device.  New in version 1.9 is:

  • Linked Document Support- wMobile users can now, from their phone, access any document linked to a GoldMine contact record.
  • Detail Record Support- wMobile fully supports GoldMine detail records including custom field types.  Users can read, update and add new detail records.
  • Email Improvements- the email user interface has been enhanced and there is new support for GoldMine internal email, forwarding with attachments as well as many many more user requested enhancements.
  • Miscellaneous features- support for user password lockout, support for un-timed activities, redesigned contact screen, duplicate contact checking on new record creation, scheduling for multiple GoldMine users, improved record navigation and much more.

  • QuoteWerks and GoldMine 8.5

    QuoteWerks with 8.5....
    When updating to GoldMine Version 8.5 on the SQL backend the column


    gets set to (varchar(40), not null) instead of (varchar(40), null).


    This can be corrected by modifying the column and checking the Allow Nulls box for that column using Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Management Studio Express.

    This will resolve the compatibility issue of QuoteWerks and GoldMine 8.5 

    Aspire the authors of QuoteWerks will issue a proper patch in next few weeks. 

    Compatibility of GoldMine Premium 8.5 with well known GoldMine add-ons

    With the launch now of GoldMine 8.5, please find below a summary of compatibility of well known add-ons to 8.5.  Always check this before upgrading.

    • Word and Excel Link (Link will need to be upgraded to the newer version for 8.5)
    • Outlook Link (Link will need to be upgraded to the newer version for 8.5)
    • GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Exchange GISME (Needs to be at least version
    • Answer Wizard (Needs to be upgrade to the new version for 8.5)
    • HEAT (Needs to be version 9)
    • MasterMine (Needs to be the latest release of v6.0.322)
    • Microsoft SQL Server (This needs to be on SQL server 2005 or above)
    • iGoldMine (Must be version 8)
    • Details Plus (needs latest build of version 2)

    If you are using any of the above products it is possible that you will need to upgrade them prior to or during the GoldMine upgrade. If your product is not listed please call Wizard Systems and check.  

    The following products are not currently compatible (we know the authors are working on this) or have known issues with GoldMine 8.5... 

    • QuoteWerks (expected early May)
    • OmniRush / Faxrush
    • TapiLink

    GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 Released

    GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 has now been released by FrontRange.  You may have received instructions from FrontRange on how to download this update.

    We would advise Users to check with Wizard Systems on the timing of their upgrade, especially if they use any 'third party' add ons or use Crystal Reports.  Some third party add ons are not yet compatible with 8.5 (e.g. FaxRush), and there maybe some features of Crystal Reports not compatible yet.