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March 2009

GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 will soon be released in a couple of weeks time

GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 will soon be released in a couple of weeks time.  The themes for this major release are empowering users with information, completing the customer view, boosting user productivity, and as with all GoldMine product releases, improving administrative capabilities and overall performance of the GoldMine application. 


GMPE 8.5 empowers users with information and improves user productivity with feature improvements and product additions that include:


  • Universal Search: provides an easy searching mechanism into GoldMine data. With Universal Search users may quickly search for information stored in activities, emails, linked documents, notes, knowledge management, as well as other GoldMine modules.
  • Preview Panes: enables a quick view into activities, emails, details and linked documents via these contact record tabs.
  • Case Management: this module has been improved with capabilities that allow additional column headers to be exposed in the case list view, and enabling single case to be linked to multiple contacts.  Also, history records are created for reassigned, escalated, abandoned and resolved cases, and email messages sent when viewing a case are automatically linked to that case.
  • Opportunity & Project Manager: these user interfaces have been redesigned for better usability by adopting the contact manager UI capabilities introduced in GMPE 8.0.
  • Email


    : user interface has been improved, as well as, SSL connections and the IMAP protocol are supported for more security and better interoperability with other email clients.
  • Activity Management: new pending RSVP folder is available in the Activity List, individual activities can be printed or copied to other applications, and the Task folder exposes the opportunity or project name so users can navigate directly to the record.
  • Details Information: four additional fields have been added to the 'Details Tab'.
  • Contact



    : users can search on both primary and additional contacts, email and website columns are exposed in the search results, and a wildcard (%) is available for matching partial names of contacts and companies.


GMPE 8.5 is more easily administered with new product enhancements such as:


  • Silent installation / Unattended install: GoldMine administrators can enable an unattended installation of GoldMine so users don’t have to intervene, thus helping free up administration time.
  • Automatic Upgrades: automatically pulls upgrade versions / files to perform upgrades after silent installation.
  • Lookup List / Cross-Field Validations: enables a lookup list to change based on the value of another field.
  • Account Management: new relationship builder includes tools for managing relationships between records.
  • Business Processes: automated processes can create cases and macros have been added to the custom toolbars.
  • Security and Permission Rights: additional end user security rights and system settings for additional permissions around notes, toolbar and search functions.
  • Linked Document Mover: enhances the ability to restrict locations from which documents can be moved during server migrations or Vista migrations.
  • Synchronisation: overall performance has been improved, the 2GB size limit is removed and current GoldSync connections are queued.
  • Compatibility Updates: GMPE 8.5 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 and the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003.

This upgrade will be free of charge for existing GoldMine Premium users with a maintenance contract.  Those GoldMine users on GoldMine Corporate Edition or GoldMine Standard Edition please contact us about pricing.


Stay tuned for our up and coming webinars and training sessions on the new features.