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QuoteWerks Webinar - How to make Sales Quotes easy!

Are doing sales quotes a chore for your company?  Do they take a long time to do?  Fed up with using Word or Excel to do your quotes?  Is your product and pricing information all over the place?  Unhappy about the quality of your quotes?  Can't get any management information out?  Is there poor follow up of quotes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then attend our Webinar (a live presentation over the Internet) and see how QuoteWerks sales quotation software could revolutionise the way your company creates quotes.  The Webinar is on Tuesday 9th Sepetember at 10am and lasts approx 30 minutes.

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QuoteWerks is a popular, low cost, easy to use system to manage the complete quotation and sales tracking process.  It can run 'stand-alone' or integrate seamlessly with some of the top contact-management programs, such as ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Microsoft CRM, Outlook,, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic, allowing fast quote generation for customers already in your database. QuoteWerks can track all your products and services, and has a number of ways of defining how those items are priced.  It also works with different currencies. You can also create bundles of items, see product price history, enter volume discounts, use the product configurator and link similar products together to offer substitutions.  You can fax, print, or email (in a secure PDF format) a quote by customising your output or using a variety of pre-existing templates.