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Master GoldMine Filters, Groups and SQL Queries in under an hour - GoldMine Training Webinar August 22nd

GoldMine Filters, Groups, and Queries are a fundamental part of the GoldMine application.  Knowledge of this functionality is essential for effective marketing, analysis, reporting and management of your GoldMine system.

Come and join us for a one hour training session via the Web (A live & interactive training session via the web with audio provided via a UK telephone number) on August 22nd at 3pm.  You don't have to leave your desk!  Wizard Systems are an Authorised GoldMine Training Centre, and have trained over 10,000 people on GoldMine since 1993.

This Webinar will review some simple filters and then more advanced capabilities of GoldMine Filters, Groups, and SQL Queries.  This Webinar is especially relevant to GoldMine power users, Marketing and Sales Directors, as well as GoldMine Administrators.

- Simple filters
- Advanced Filters
- Previews and drilling down to fine tune your searches
- Optimising to improve performance
- Grouping on Pending, History, Detail Records and Additional Contacts
- Tagging Records
- SQL Query Builder for power searches the easy way
- Examples of Using Filters, Groups and Queries

Again, all you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet and a Phone!

The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.

Register now by clicking the link below:

GoldMine Webinar: Converting Leads into Sales for Improved Return on Marketing Campaigns

Date: Tuesday 22nd July
Time: 10am (UK Time)
Location: Via the Web
Cost: Free
Target Audience: Potential GoldMine Users

According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, companies that adopt closed-loop marketing processes are more than three times as likely to report a greater-than-50% return on marketing investment than those that do not.

Find out how. In this webinar, you’ll learn the secrets to:

- Achieving closed-loop processes and reporting
- Segmenting your customer data into profiles to target more effectively
- Attracting more qualified leads for your sales pipeline
- Personalising marketing material and increase response rates
- Improving customer acquisition and retention with each marketing campaign
- Creating a "corporate memory" by sharing sales, marketing and service information across the organisation
- Increasing marketing productivity through the utilisation of predefined actions for use on all contacts or a group of contacts

This Webinar is on Tuesday 22nd July at 10.00 am (UK Time) and will only last 30 mins.  To see the presentation, you'll need access to the Internet and a phone (we will give you a UK number) to get the audio part of the presentation.  You'll also be able to ask questions and provide feedback.

To register, click on:

Case Study: CheerStix Cuts Order Processing Times

This summer, sports fans around the country and world will cheer on their favorite teams and athletes with the help of CheerStix. When the two, 2-foot-long balloons are slammed together they make a metallic, clanging sound.

Keeping track of multiple contacts at the same organization is essential for CheerStix, which can potentially provide its noise-makers to several different teams and talk to multiple contacts at the same school.

With GoldMine, Quotewerks and ShipRush, the company has scored winning sales and customer service, and impressive results.

Read the complete case study.

Tech Tip - Free Up Licenses When Not in Use

Encourage all users to log out of GoldMine when they are done with sessions in order to free up licenses for others.

The Flags.bin file in GoldMine keeps track of how many people are logged in at one time. This file can become mis-populated with data, and therefore not allow the full number of licenses to log in at one time.

To prevent this, encourage all users to log out of GoldMine by going to File > Exit, rather than using the X button. Using File > Exit will ensure that the user’s session is completed and the Flags file makes the license available for other users.