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June 2008

GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.5 now available

It’s a great time for GoldMine!  Wizard Systems is pleased to announce GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.5 release.

GoldMine Corporate Edition (GMCE) 7.5, the most recent release to the GoldMine product line is now available.  GMCE helps customers reduce costs, improve user efficiency, and gain better management oversight.  GoldMine business functions are geared to help you increase client satisfaction, with low total cost of ownership and agile integration capabilities.
GMCE 7.5 product improvements include:
- Support for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007
- Enables integration with these latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, as well as, the latest release of Microsoft’s Operating System
- Numerous Database & Performance enhancements
- Synchronization and database re-hosting performance enhancements
- Removal of 2GB limitation for synchronization transfer sets and installation files for one-button synchronization
- Updated ZIP code database for United States is now available through the QuickStart Wizard
- E-mail improvements for better security & email client interoperability
- Secure SSL connections are now supported in the E-mail center
- IMAP protocol is now supported in the E-mail center

GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.5 helps improve product quality and performance with over 200 product fixes and enhancements!  From next week, to download and install the GMCE 7.5 release direct from FrontRange, please go to the menu bar of GoldMine, select Help, then Update GoldMine, and follow the instructions for download.  If you want the upgrade now, please contact Wizard Systems.

In order to find out more information regarding GoldMine Solutions upgrades and current product promotions or visit our website:

Discover additional benefits of GoldMine, including information on GoldMine Premium Edition and GoldMine Mobile for Blackberry.

GoldMine wins top CRM award for the eighth time

FrontRange Solutions announced that its GoldMine Enterprise Edition has won ISM Inc's Top 15 CRM Small & Medium Business Software Award for 2008. This is the eighth time that ISM has selected FrontRange for its Top 15 Award list.

"We appreciate this industry recognition by ISM, which validates our company strategy of delivering products and services that meet and exceed the needs of both our customers and the marketplace," said Paul Bornhutter, Africa Product Manager at FrontRange Solutions.  
"GoldMine Enterprise Edition gives our customers ease-of-use, flexibility, and full integration with CRM applications and VOIP."

GoldMine Enterprise Edition was chosen after intensive testing by ISM Software Lab at its Bethesda, Maryland-based headquarters. Each software package was rated according to 217 selection criteria, including 103 business functions, 52 technical features, 36 implementation capabilities, nine real-time criteria and 17 user-support features.

"FrontRange is to be praised for obtaining the Top 15 honour, as ISM's software selection process is strenuous and comprehensive," said Barton Goldenberg, president, ISM. "FrontRange is a leader in the CRM industry."

As a winner of the prestigious Top 15 CRM Award, Goldmine Enterprise Edition will be featured in ISM's 16th edition of "The Guide to CRM Automation", available on ISM's Web site (, and also in a "Top 15" CD

Learn how to manage your time more effectively with GoldMine - GoldMine Training Webinar July 11th

For the average business user, keeping in touch with contacts, organising meetings, sharing information and generally maintaining details of work-related activities is fundamental to the smooth and successful running of your company.  Spend an hour with us on Friday 11th July and learn how to maximise your productivity to manage your work time more effectively.  By attending this Webinar you will learn more about GoldMine's....

- Scheduling of activities
- Completing Activities
- Activity Codes
- Activity List
- Calendar
- Preferences
- Plus lots of tips and tricks

The course is on Friday July 11th at 3pm and will last one hour.  Again, all you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet and a Phone!

The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us

Register now by clicking the link below:

Why upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition?

Attention all GoldMine Standard Edition Users! Come and join us for this Webinar on the 25th June to see the latest version of GoldMine:

- Even easier to use
- New Customer Service feature
- Greater integration to Outlook
- More options for remote access
- Greater security and reliability
- Better reporting
- Support for Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Office 2007
- Advanced Filtering and Grouping on Tabs

This Webinar is on Wednesday 25th June at 10.00 am (UK Time) and will only last 30 mins.  To see the presentation, you'll need access to the Internet and a phone (we will give you a UK number) to get the audio part of the presentation.  You'll also be able to ask questions and provide feedback.

This Webinar is aimed at existing Users of Standard Edition (your serial number begins with a 'D').

Troubleshooting Automated Processes

Here’s a tip on determining which track is failing in Automated Processes. (This tip is also valid in GoldMine Premium Edition.)

Create a GM.ini entry for Automated Processes that will outline each step in every track. To do this, open the username.ini for the person you are logged in as and insert the following section:


This will set the process monitor to report on each individual section of an Automated Process.

An example of The Process Monitor after this feature is enabled:

0[1] Automated Processes  [12:18 am - 4/30/2008]
0[1] Scanning Contact: Blue Pelican Consulting; Parker Fillman
0[1] Read Track:  Opportunity  [Next Event: 100, Track: 100012         ]
0[1]     10   If sale, attach to Customer Welcome
0[1]     20   If sale, remove from Opportunity
0[1]    100   Print Letter: Sales Proposal
0[1]             --> Triggered.
0[1]                  Print Form  [5NTC1VO$OXV2MPX]
3[1] Error printing form [5NTC1VO$OXV2MPX]
0[1]    110   Verify forecast probability & date
0[1]             --> Triggered.
0[1]                  Schedule: 4/30/2008  NATALIE  Verify that probability and close date have not changed--
0[1]    120   Check for uncleared follow-up call
4[1] Automated Processes: 1 Contacts; 1 Scanned; 2 Triggered; 1 Pass(es)  [Ended 12:18 am - 4/30/2008; Dur: 0:01]

List Existing Data in GoldMine Premium Edition

A new F2 lookup setup option in GMPE lets you list existing data.

Checking the "List existing data" box will load all data entered in that field to the F2 lookup list. Note: Selecting this option grays out the "Allow adding," "Allow editing," and "Allow deleting" options.

This feature is not currently available in GMCE 7.04 or GMCE 7.5