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April 2008

Startup brokers use GoldMine

Cape Town-based Galetti Commercial and Industrial Property Brokers have implemented GoldMine, the mid-market customer relationship management (CRM) application from FrontRange Solutions, to help to manage their growth.

Established in 2006 with two members of staff (its founder directors), Galetti grew very rapidly to include eight additional brokers and an administrative team. The company plans to open offices in Johannesburg in May and Durban at the end of this year, and required a CRM application that could support an expanding national sales force.

"We handle a vast amount of information - buyers, what they are buying, sellers, what they are selling, how much for, leasing details, long-term contractual information, and research that backs up our consultancy - across a large number of different members of staff," says Galetti director, Francois Staples. "So, we needed software that could sensibly capture all the details as well as give us a management bird’s eye view at the touch of a button.

"Specifically, we needed each broker to be able to see what had been discussed with, and promised to, clients by the others, so that they could provide continuity of service to customers if the original broker was not in, or had left the company.

"I had used GoldMine before and knew some of what it was capable of - so it made sense for us to start out with it. We have since discovered that there is much more to it than simply tracking customer contacts - and we are working with Dale Jordaan at Wyred, our implementation partner, to continuously get more and more benefit out of the way that we use the software."

Jordaan says that there is "so much functionality in GoldMine for the price you pay for it that we take an incremental approach with our customers. We give them the basic functionality they ask for upfront, and then allow them to grow organically into more functionality as their confidence in the solution grows and as they realise just how feature-rich it is."

"We have some great new ideas about how to do what we have always done, including sales targeting and forecasting - and recording of phone calls, attaching them as files to our customer fields," Staples says.

"All of this is going to reinforce the growth we expect from opening offices in Johannesburg and Durban. By extending GoldMine to those branches, the business we do across all three offices is going to be that much greater than if each operated independently in its own region. With GoldMine, each branch can see and sell properties in the other regions, making it possible for us to put buyers all over the country in touch with property all over the country."

Jordaan says that GoldMine will also enable Galetti to better control a team of brokers that is spread over three different regions. "Because the solution is designed to facilitate the sharing of information but still keep the central database secure, if a broker in Durban leaves, say, anyone else at Galetti can pick up the threads of what that broker has been selling and continue to run with the deals. Galetti’s intellectual property cannot be stolen. And management can monitor and refine the sales pipeline at will."

FrontRange Solutions (SA) product manager for Africa, Paul Bornhutter, says that Galetti’s effective use of GoldMine demonstrates that the software is a growth tool in the hands of even the smallest business. "The principles of doing business do not differ from company to company, only the content does. So a start-up business such as Galetti was two years ago will benefit as much from the discipline GoldMine brings to its CRM processes as a corporate. It is simply a question of starting with the basics and allowing you to be guided from there by the experience of your implementation partner."

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GoldMine Premium Edition industry award

FrontRange Solutions® announced April 22nd 2008 that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC)’s Customer Interaction Solutions magazine ( has named GoldMine® Premium Edition and FrontRange Voice as recipients of CRM Excellence Awards. Customer Interaction Solutions has been the premier publication in the CRM, call center and teleservices industries since 1982.

“We are honored to be recognized by Customer Interaction Solutions for this award,” said Michael McCloskey, CEO of FrontRange Solutions. “The award demonstrates the power of extending CRM with communications solutions to the market. Together, our GoldMine Premium Edition and Voice solutions help users achieve better business results.”

The ninth-annual CRM Excellence Awards winners were chosen on the basis of the product or service’s ability to help extend and expand the customer relationship to become all-encompassing, covering the entire enterprise and the entire lifetime of the customer. The CRM Excellence Awards are based on solid performance metrics: facts and numbers demonstrating the improvements that the winner’s product has made in a client’s business. 

“FrontRange Solutions has demonstrated to the editors of Customer Interaction Solutions that its products and services have substantially improved the processes of its clients’ businesses by streamlining and facilitating the flow of information needed for companies to retain their most precious asset ... their customers,” said Nadji Tehrani, founder and chairman of TMC.

Together with GoldMine Premium Edition, FrontRange Voice is the foundation for a cost-effective, customer-pleasing communications strategy. FrontRange Voice is integrated with the award-winning GoldMine Premium and Enterprise Edition applications to provide seamless access to information from either application, as well as to streamline workflow, increase customer satisfaction and lower costs.

The CRM Excellence Awards winners for 2008 can be found in the May and June issues of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

UPDATE: Technical Notification for iHEAT and iGoldMine Users

FrontRange now has a compatibility update available that provides support for Microsoft Windows Updates KB941693 and KB948590, released on 8 April 2008, which are incompatible with iHEAT and/or iGoldMine installed on Windows Server 2003, Windows XP-SP2, and Windows 2000-SP4. This incompatibility only affects the iHEAT and/or iGoldMine Server and does not impact the Client machines.

To access the update, go to, log into the Maintenance Support Section and select the Drivers and Downloads menu option on the left. Select the appropriate product and download the Compatibility Update.

Please note before installing this update - the ggse.sys file must not be marked Read-Only. Before launching the compatibility update, browse to the <windows>\system32\drivers directory and locate the ggse.sys file. Right Click, select Properties and deselect the Read Only checkbox (if selected), then click apply. If the Read Only check box is not selected, no action is needed, and the update can be applied.

Please forward this information to the appropriate person responsible for IT/Web within your company.

If you have any questions regarding this notification please contact Wizard Systems support.

Urgent Technical Notification for iHEAT and iGoldMine Users

Please be advised that Windows Updates KB948590 and KB941693, released on 8 April 2008, are incompatible with iHEAT and/or iGoldMine for Windows on Windows Server SP2, Windows XP SP2, and Windows 2000 SP4. This incompatibility only affects the iHEAT and/or iGoldMine Server and does not impact the Client machines. Note that if you have installed one of these hot fixes, the hot fix will have to be uninstalled, and then the last compatibility update will have to be re-applied to return the iHEAT or iGoldMine server to a working state.

FrontRange Solutions will release a compatibility update as soon as possible and we will send a second notification when the update is available.

Eastern Instrumentation Sales Reps Land More Business with FrontRange Solutions GoldMine Premium Edition

Sales representatives at Eastern Instrumentation of Philadelphia in the US, may not think they’re doing their jobs in an innovative way. If you were to shadow them on an average day, they spend the majority of their time in the field doing what they do best – winning sales.

But in fact, sales representatives at other companies are often forced to keep their customer interactions to a minimum due to never-ending piles of mundane paperwork. The difference? The sales team at Eastern uses FrontRange Solutions GoldMine Premium Edition to help maintain its focus on selling engineering products to customers.

Eastern represents about a dozen high-tech products from manufacturers around the world, and face-to-face interactions are a core element to a winning sales process. The company had been using an earlier version of GoldMine and was interested in upgrading to improve the user interface and synchronization and forecasting capabilities.

Beringer Associates, a FrontRange Solutions Partner based in Pennsauken, New Jersey, helped Eastern upgrade its software, including ensuring compatibility with Eastern’s Windows Vista platform. With Beringer’s support, Eastern created customized screens, fields and tabs within the software to fit its specific business environment and to expedite access to relevant information needed across the sales team.

“The intuitive interface helps new reps ramp up faster, and we can focus on selling, rather than spending time learning the software,” said Joe Paglione, sales, Eastern. “With GoldMine technology, our sales representatives now spend 80 percent of their time at in-person customer meetings.”

FrontRange developed GoldMine Premium Edition with salespeople in mind. The software goes beyond basic contact management and empowers the sales team to:

-  View the sales pipeline in a matter of clicks on their laptop or desktop
-  Run their own reports and manipulate the data in any form
-  Forecast numbers, which results in maximized revenue opportunities
-  Execute targeted mailings
-  Assist new hires in getting through their learning curve faster

“GoldMine Premium Edition was created so that sales teams can keep the paperwork, computer work and e-mailing to a minimum,” said Greg Anderson, senior product director for the GoldMine Business Unit, FrontRange. “FrontRange allows sales teams to focus on revenue generation rather than spending time on administrative tasks.”

Tip for showing activities by Contact Name in GoldMine

How to display all activities in History Tab for a single contact.

Have you ever been looking through the history of a contact record and wondered “I would just like to be able to read over the emails sent to Bob”.

GoldMine is structured in such a way that all history activities for the Primary and additional contacts are displayed together in the history tab in date order, but it does not display the contact name the activity is for.  Normally you would have to read each activity to see which contact the activity belongs to.

To get around this issue, use the following steps…

1. Right click in the History Tab.
2. Choose Options -> Filter…
3. Tick the “Activate Filter” checkbox.
4. Tick the “Reference Text” checkbox.
5. Then in the Reference Text enter the name of the contact you wish to display history for.
6. Click “OK” to activate the filter.

To Release the filter (so you can see everything again)

1. Right click in the History Tab.
2. Choose Options -> Release Filter…

Master GoldMine's Record Typing Feature in under an hour

Record Types are customised combinations of Primary Fields Views, Custom Screens, and GM+Views in GoldMine to display different information based on the type of record you have in your GoldMine database.  Use Record Types to track and display different information for say 'Customers' or 'Suppliers'.  You could also use Record Types for tracking Machines, Cars, Property, livestock etc...

This short course is aimed at existing GoldMine users that would like to see how configuring Record Types can enhance their current GoldMine System. It is also aimed at GoldMine administrators so that they can see the process and options when creating Record Types.

- Overview of Record Types
- Examples of  Record Types
- Cloning and saving a Primary Field View
- Cloning and saving a Custom Screen
- The Record Types Administration Centre
- Creating a Record Type
- Allocating Fields and Views
- Adding Record Type Rules

The course is on Friday April 25th at 3pm and will last one hour.  Again, all you need to attend this Training session is access to the Internet and a Phone!

The cost of the one hour training session is £25 exc VAT for clients who have a software support contract with Wizard Systems, or £35 exc VAT if you do not have a contract with us.

Register now by clicking the link below:

QuoteWerks Webinar - Quoting the easy way from GoldMine

Are doing sales quotes a chore for your company?  Do they take a long time to do?  Fed up with using Word or Excel to do your quotes?  Is your product and pricing information all over the place?  Unhappy about the quality of your quotes?  Can't get any management information out?  Is there poor follow up of quotes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then attend our Webinar (a live presentation over the Internet) and see how QuoteWerks sales quotation software could revolutionise the way your company creates quotes.  The Webinar is on Wednesday 9th April at 10am (UK time) and lasts approx 30 minutes.

QuoteWerks is a popular, low cost, easy to use system to manage the complete quotation and sales tracking process.  It can run 'stand-alone' or integrate seamlessly with some of the top contact-management programs, such as ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Microsoft CRM, Outlook,, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic, allowing fast quote generation for customers already in your database. QuoteWerks can track all your products and services, and has a number of ways of defining how those items are priced.  It also works with different currencies. You can also create bundles of items, see product price history, enter volume discounts, use the product configurator and link similar products together to offer substitutions.  You can fax, print, or email (in a secure PDF format) a quote by customising your output or using a variety of pre-existing templates.

For more information on QuoteWerks, click on…

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There is no cost to attend the Webinar!  We look forward to meeting you!