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January 2008

New version of CompanionLink for GoldMine

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - January 30, 2008) - CompanionLink Software, a leader in mobile synchronization solutions, released a wireless synchronization solution for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm OS mobile devices. The CompanionLink Professional software package has an option to wirelessly synchronize information with leading CRM and contact management solutions and the latest web-enabled mobile devices. This allows business professionals to access and update their CRM contacts, schedules, and notes from anywhere.

The software synchronizes data with ACT! by Sage, FrontRange GoldMine, IBM Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Time & Chaos, Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook, and Palm Desktop databases. Contacts, appointments, notes and histories, opportunities, tasks and to-do lists, user-defined fields, and activities can be synchronized in two ways: wired sync or wireless sync. Wired synchronization requires the mobile device to be docked to the computer using, for example, a USB cable. Wireless synchronization allows data to go from the CRM database to the user's mobile device using CompanionLink Software's wireless synchronization service. CRM data is synchronized with the built-in data fields in the mobile device.

"Wireless synchronization is where the future of mobile devices and data synchronization is headed," said Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing at CompanionLink Software. "Our wireless sync service offers CRM users an affordable way to synchronize their data without configuring or maintaining servers, or installing a separate database application on their PDAs."

CompanionLink Professional retails for a one-time charge of $99.95 per user. The wireless synchronization service is $9.95 per month per mobile device.

Wizard Systems offer an installation service for CompanioLink for UK customers.

Spell checking hints when using GoldMine e-mail

In GoldMine you can auto check spelling before you send an email. Select Edit | Preferences | Internet | More Options | Advanced and tick the option Auto Spell-check before sending. In Premium Edition this option is Tools | Options | Email | More Options | Advanced. You can also speed up the search and define how its checked by using the Speller Tab in your preferences.

In your speller preferences you're also able to setup and manage your own dictionary - import new words from a text file, delete words etc...

Changing data from lower case to proper case in GoldMine

Ever accidentally entered some information into a field in lower case and wanted to change it quickly to proper case (first letter upper case)? This is an example of changing the Contact name to upper case by selecting a look up value.

Enter ~proper(contact) as a lookup option in the F2 list in to the Contact field and use it adjust the value to proper case.

Accidentally deleted a Contact Record from GoldMine?

Here's an easy way of retrieving it, only if you have remote users and you're using GoldSync synchronisation:

- Make a backup of both the network and remote install of GoldMine
- Create a new contact with the same company name
- Merge the contact that has been deleted from the main system, into the new contact (using the Merge Tagged Records function).
- Create a transfer set of just the current contact
- Retrieve the transfer set into the main system

GoldMine Mobile Released

FrontRange Solutions is proud to announce the release of the latest GoldMine product, GoldMine┬« Mobile Edition 3.0. 

GoldMine Mobile gives sales agents access to their most important sales information while they are out of the office traveling on business.  GoldMine Mobile Edition 3.0 is compatible with GoldMine Corporate Edition versions 7.5 or higher as well as GoldMine Premium Edition versions 8.0.1 and higher, and runs on the ever popular Blackberry┬« smartphone product line.  Organizations can now extend their GoldMine investment with the addition of GoldMine Mobile Edition.

GoldMine Mobile Edition offers valuable features that increase the potential for sales professionals to grow their businesses. Whether in the office or on the road, will have a competitive advantage with the capabilities that separate GoldMine from other CRM solutions.  Users can now take advantage of key GoldMine features without the need for wireless coverage or waiting for search results over their browsers.

Webinar to launch the new GoldMine Mobile product in the UK

Attention all GoldMine Users needed a mobile solution for their remote colleagues!

Provide your sales force with critical, real-time information via their BlackBerry handheld devices. GoldMine Mobile Edition turns your mobile BlackBerry device into a powerful CRM system, giving you mobility options while ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity.

GoldMine Mobile Edition puts distribution of hot leads, sales tracking, contact information, visit history, calendaring and other productivity tools in one easy-to-use integrated application.

We're organising a short Webinar (a seminar delivered via the web) on Tuesday 26th Feb at 4pm UK time to give you a live presentation of the system.

By attending this Webinar, you'll learn how to:

- Improve your sales performance
- Work more efficiently by managing your calendar on the go
- Streamline communications with contacts via up to date information at your fingertips
- Improve sales collaboration
- Produce real-time forecasting information

The Webinar will be presented by Tim Wilmot of Wizard Systems and Gerry Spoor from FrontRange.  Gerry is Senior Product Marketing Manager at FrontRange, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to ask him questions about the product.  Also online will be Chris O'Toole, Senior Manager at FrontRange for GoldMine in UK and Europe.

Register now by clicking the link below: