New GoldMine Knowledgebase articles for 2017 so far...

Here's a list of recent articles.  

19782 - With which TAPI version is GoldMine Premium Edition compatible? TAPI 1.x, TAPI 2.x or TAPI 3.x?
25504 - Is it possible to merge two records together?
25647 - Schedule > GoldMine Email causes the error The Email Address of the recipient of this message is currently
assigned to a different contact record than the one to which this message is linked
26575 - Cannot see previously stored SQL Queries
26629 - Getting a pop-up error when performing certain actions in GoldMine - GoldMine Database operation error:
The transaction ended in the trigger. The batch has been aborted.
26636 - What is the LastEmail= setting in the GoldSync.ini used for?
26637 - How to find the IMAP folder structure via Microsoft Outlook for example for GoldMine Connect Settings for sent emails?
26811 - Create a contact record when linking an email from Microsoft Outlook to GoldMine creates a duplicate record without
warning when having Create Relationship when a Company match is found and the duplicate check is set to Company only.
26826 - One user is randomly getting error: "Unable to add process to tree control."
26851 - Toolbar > Drop Down > Add or Remove Buttons > Standard > Reset Toolbar (and other available entries) are not available ,
but shows a blank small box
26852 - After upgrading GoldMine with a license change the Synchronization states an error Invalid Serial Number although the Site
was relicensed correctly. This happens only with the GoldSync Service
26888 - Users may experience a performance delay up to several seconds in the E-mail Center when they are navigating from one
Email to the next Email in the list of Emails
26889 - Toggle Sync Contact option in order to improve performance in certain areas
26901 - GoldMine Application Error: Faulting module name: MSVCR80.dll
26951 - When I pick up an email on my mobile device and immediately delete it, will it still be picked up in GoldMine Web or GoldMine?

New Knowledgebase articles for January 2017
15998 - Useful SQL Queries regarding E-mails and Messages related - within GoldMine
26215 - Want to be able to scroll through my contact records and have it scroll based on company name NOT contact.
How do I do this?
26388 - setup a new group from the Contact Search Center?
26509 - When I try the Net update from Help>Update GoldMine, I get the following error: the file signature for GMNU32.DLL is wrong!
26516 - How do I get the contact associated to the email to show up in the background when I click on an email in the inbox?
26574 - Need to know - carry over completion notes automatically when I'm creating a new activity based while completing another.
26575 - Cannot see previously stored SQL Queries
26579 GoldMine Corporate Edition - Manually Install the Outlook Add-in (GISMO) for GoldMine Corporate Edition (GMCE)
26599 - Output to Excel from the Contact Search Center shows the following error -
"We have detected a newer version of Office installed on your device." after upgrading to Office 2016
26602 - Error when Output of data to Excel: "Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough
available memory or disk space."
26611 - I never used to be able to see weekends or non-defined workdays on my calendar; but now I can. How do I change this?
26621 - Get the following error when trying to rehost dbase data into GMPE: [Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver] Index file not found.
26629 - Getting a pop-up error when performing certain actions in GoldMine - GoldMine Database operation error:
The transaction ended in the trigger. The batch has been aborted.
26637 - find the IMAP folder structure via Microsoft Outlook for example for GoldMine Connect Settings for sent emails?
26642 - Output to Excel - "Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory
or disk space."
26644 - Which characters are not used in the GoldMine Account Number ACCOUNTNO fields?

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Free GoldMine Webinar tomorrow - How to manage duplicate records

Our webinar tomorrow will feature how to handle duplicate records in GoldMine - prevention and cure.  Examples will be given and there's plenty of chances to ask questions.


This webinar is on Tuesday 21st March at 10am UK time.

This webinar is free to all GoldMine Users.  Plus there will be an update on GoldMine news.

Please register first ...



IntelliClick Email Marketing solution for GoldMine CRM just released - version 9.6.

The latest IntelliClick version 9.6.1 has been released and is available to apply to your system. 

The two key changes in this version are:

1. Message content analysis capability functionality after cutover to new SMTP relay service provider
2. Improved sending performance for large campaigns

Message Content Analysis

The cutover to our new SMTP relay partner,, was completed earlier this month. As part of this transition, the Content Analysis functionality required some modifications to maintain this capability within the IntelliSend module. This function is accessed from the PREVIEW window when reviewing your emails before they are sent with the button called "SEND CONTENT ANALYSIS MESSAGE". This test your message content with SPAM Assassin and returns a report by email to the email address you designate.

If you wish to continue to use this function, you must update to our latest version

Please contact Wizard Systems on anything to do with IntelliClick.


MasterMine 9 now available - the easiest & quickest way of getting great looking reports out of your GoldMine

Version 9 improves your GoldMine management in a number of ways: better data security options; easier sharing, workbook organization and retrieval; and smoother passing of data into and out of GoldMine. There's much more, including new templates and of course boring stuff like Excel, Windows and GoldMine compatibility updates and bug fixes. The improvements to MMUpdater alone are well worth your focused attention!

Mastermine 9

More Compatibility

- GoldMine 2016 and 2017 guaranteed;
- Microsoft Excel 2007 through 2016;
- Windows 7 through 10;
- Availability in Hosted GoldMine environment (Cloud Jumper), BYOL or subscription;
- Compatibility with 64-bit Excel for MMUpdater users

New MMUpdater features

- Create sub-records: Additional Contacts, Details, Pending, History;
- Create notes records;
- Better manage existing sub-records like e-mail addresses, websites

Report Management

- Launch Search;
- Favorites section

Easier Report Transport & Sharing

- Snapshot to Archive;
- Import from non-MasterMine sources;
- Export to non-MasterMine Excel, PDF, or CSV

Find Templates Easier

- Treeview access to templates by function;
- Reorganized and enhanced toolkits for: Database Analysis, GoldMine Maintenance, Sales Activity Tracking, - Forecasting & Sales Tracking, Opportunities, Marketing Segmentation & List Management, Account Analysis

Enhanced Security Features

- Lock filter fields (i.e. USER);
- Master user license management


New & Improved GM Management Templates

- Notes Tab reporting;
- E-mail address error correction;
- Record Curtaining Management;
- Duplicate checking and correction;
- E-mail Inbox Tree by User;
- Log-based reports: Records Added, Records Deleted, User Log Report;
- Call Report with Last and Next Call Info;
- Refined Contstant Contact and IntelliClick Reports

For more information on MasterMine or MasterMine upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.

Convert Your Web Site Visitors Into NEW Contacts & Business Opportunities

Capture leads from your web site visitors and seamlessly integrate them to your GoldMine CRM. Drive new opportunities to your sales team and arm them with web page visit detailsfrom the moment they first visit your site. Timely follow-up is enabled through email alerts sent to designated recipients the instant a new contact is added.  VisTrack pulls together anonymous web visitor activity. Your web forms (existing or new), instantly add new contacts to your database with referring sources and page viewing history. Tracking includes how visitors were referred (i.e. organic search, social media, pay-per- click, etc.) and GoldMine built-in workflow automation capabilities enable lead follow-up and drip marketing.

Goldmine inbound marketing

Start a dialogue with your audience...

  • Convert web site visitors to leads with interactive email marketing campaigns that track, respond and alert your sales team in real time
  • Known and anonymous web site visitor tracking captures and prioritizes leads and opportunities
  • Workflow automation, triggered from email campaigns and/or web forms, enable drip marketing and timely lead follow-up
  • Dashboard and reporting analytics measure conversion and referring sources to help optimize your digital marketing investment
  • Integration with GoldMine CRM builds your contact database and fuels on-going sales and marketing follow-up to close more business

Catch our introduction Webinar on Wednesday 8th February at 2pm UK time



20 Years with GoldMine

Here's a repost of an article found on a US GoldMine Admin Blog.  The author is Terry Porter of Plustar Inc ( and summarises her benefits from using GoldMine over those years from version 3 onwards.  Very interesting post and resonates with many of our customers who have been using GoldMine since version 2.

"This month my company celebrated 20 years of using Goldmine! We're a small Industrial B2B operation in Dallas, TX. I was a new employee when their CRM initiative started and they picked Goldmine. I just celebrated my 20th anniversary with them in August.

The version 3.2 Goldmine software was purchased in late 1996, and with the help of a Goldmine Solutions Partner a "Go Live" date was set of 12/17/1996. This rollout was supported by the Owner, who felt Goldmine could help Sales people to document their activities. And he was right!

We began by transferring a lot of information from our ERP system. I remember hearing from those involved that the mapping progress with that ERP software was not easy. But it worked, and soon Sales people were using Goldmine. It branched out from there, and pretty much everyone at Plustar touches Goldmine now. We still do weekly imports from this legacy ERP into Goldmine today, using Goldbox.

Of the 20,000+ records in our Goldmine database, 2,037 date from 12/17/1996 still! That's longevity!

In early 1997, the Goldmine Administrator who had been responsible for the project from the beginning left. I had been trained on Goldmine as a "PC person", but I was employed as an Administrative Assistant to the Owners. I had not yet taken on the role of Network Administrator and later Systems Administrator. But I was asked to take over running Goldmine.

Our first company wide email rollout was in Goldmine. We've used nothing but the Goldmine email client ever since.

From the early days, I remember struggling with Goldmine BLOB database errors. Goldmine did get that issue under control in later versions. We upgraded to Goldmine 4, then Goldmine 5 & eventually Goldmine 6. Along the way, I learned a lot about database administration in general and Goldmine in particular.

In 2009, we made the big leap from Goldmine 6.7 dbase to Goldmine 9 SQL. In 2016, we installed Goldmine Web.

I need to say a word about Goldmine Tech Support here, they have been outstanding since Day 1, and have helped me through so many problems.

Another resource to help me as a Goldmine Administrator has been the Goldmine Communities. Forums set up so users could help each other. Some of these were unofficial, and some were run by Goldmine itself. And Goldmine's own KnowledgeBase was helpful too. I attended seminars and webinars to expand my Goldmine knowledge.

So here we are, 20 years later! I think it is a testament to the Goldmine Software that it is such an intrinsic part of how we do business. "Is that information in Goldmine?" is a question employees ask when talking about customers, prospects and suppliers. The idea that you document activities in Goldmine has been reinforced from the top down for all of these years. It's now part of our DNA, we onboard new employees to use it too from Day 1. Thank you, Goldmine!"



wMobile 2016 highlights

wMobile 2016 Recap, Year in Review -

wMobile is the most popular mobile and web access option for GoldMine.  So here's a review of 2016 improvements.

wMobile had a facelift with a new logo! They have also added new icons for One-click Logins, so they are more easily identified on your device or computer desktop.

Updated controls were added for date selection that are more easily used on mobile devices. Improvements were made for wMobile Desktop use on iPads and tablets, including updating the Telerik Framework used to build wMobile, to address navigation and display issues.

Notification Services were added so that users can get notifications of certain events, such as activity alarms. The conditions (rules) are configured in the wMobile Manager Console. At first, only email notifications were supported, but shortly after that, SMS text notifications were added as well. Based on this new functionality, we added a method notify users when email account credentials are invalid, such as when email passwords are updated.

Changes in wMobile Phone Edition included:

  • Photos can be uploaded to a contact record.
  • Pending Activities were added to the Dashboard.

  • A user configuration option was added so a user can change the number of items in wMobile Phone lists such as search results, pending, and history lists.

  • The email address can be added to Quick Search criteria.

Changes in wMobile Desktop Edition included:

  • International phone format can be set when creating and editing contacts.

  • When adding a zip code, it will populate city/state when creating and updating contact records.
  • Email template creation was added. Templates can include Contact1 and Contact2 fields and user variables.

  • Hyperlinks were added to the Links tab to easily open linked documents.

  • Changes were made in the Activity list to show the activity code. Filters are now ‘sticky’ so the user doesn’t have to reset these each time they view the Activity list.
  • The email address can now be added as a column in the Search Center.

  • Lookup lists can now be edited in wMobile Desktop.

  • Single records can now be deleted in wMobile Desktop, based on a user’s GoldMine permissions.


There were many changes were made over the year to improve a user’s experience with email. Problems were fixed, and menu options were simplified.

  • Functionality was added for replying to Meeting requests in both Phone and Desktop editions and adding/removing meetings to the GoldMine calendar based on acceptance status. 

  • A popular user setting was added to file an email on reply. This matched an option in GoldMine that customers requested in wMobile.
  • An issue was fixed forwarding emails with inline image attachments from iOS email clients.
  • Email can be linked to a relevant opportunity/Project/Case using the ‘File with Options’ selection.

  • Searching has also been improved in the Email center in the Desktop Edition.

There were many enhancements to Opportunity/Project functionality this year including:

  • Email messages can now be linked to Projects as well as Opportunities.
  • Emails can be linked to Opportunity/Influencers and Project/Contacts. Custom fields can be added to Project list and detail views.
  • An option was added to re-link Projects.

  • Options were added to show more Opportunity/Influencers and Project/Contacts.
  • A sort option was added on Project Contacts tab and navigation options were added. ‘Go to Contact’ will navigate directly to the contact in the same browser window. ‘Open Contact’ will open the contact in a separate browser window.  

  • Status and Stage filter options were added to the Opportunity list, including the option to filter on Active (not Closed) Status.

  • Opportunities can be converted to Projects.
  • Filter selections are now ‘sticky’ in wMobile Desktop Opportunity/Project list pages during a session. Users don’t have to select the same settings if they navigate between different wMobile components.

Features for administration were added including:

  • System settings and logging levels can be adjusted without restarting wMobile components and affecting logged in users.
  • Improvements were made to the wDiagnostic tool for troubleshooting.
  • An admin can set the columns for all users in the Search Center in the Manager Console User Default Settings.
  • On-screen Notification was added in the wMobile Manager Console, so a user is notified when an update is available. 

  • Server 2016 is now officially supported.

We hope these developments have improved your usage of wMobile Phone and Desktop Editions and more enhancements planned for next year!

For more information on mobile and web access to GoldMine, please contact Wizard Systems.



GoldMine 2016.1 - Hotfix 6 now released and available for download

The latest Hotfix for GoldMine is now available through Wizard Systems.  

What's Fixed in GoldMine 2016.1 HF6

GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.199 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.316

238799 Query times out or sync takes ages when a lot of users are in a GoldMine database, and / or filtered sync
settings are used - offending query part seems to be C.USERID IN

204088 Unable to run or record macros on newer Operating systems - This issue started to be reported since
Vista/Windows 7 came out and works less and less with every newer Windows version - nothing happens or
run into an error referring to win32kfull.sys

To find out how you can access these GoldMine upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.


GoldMine 2016.1, Hotfix 5 now available

The latest monthly hotfix is now available.  What's Fixed in GoldMine 2016.1 HF5

Issue and description....

214724 French, German and also Danish characters corrupt in the email header when downloaded into the GoldMine inbox - displays fine online

247588 GMWEB - JSON error when opening ACTVITIES page - Server Error Cannot deserialize JSON request input parameters


For more information on how to access GoldMine upgrades, please contact Wizard Systems.